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Top Ten Exercises For Your Dog

Health is wealth, be it for humans or pets. The best way to maintain a healthy body and mind is to exercise.

Being overweight can lead to many uncalled ailments such as heart disease, cholesterol levels, kicking anxiety and panic attacks faster, and a lazy body. Obesity is not just a human problem. There is a big chance that your pet can also fall prey to obesity if the right measures are not taken at the right time.

Many exercises can keep your dog fit, but before you start doing one with your pet, ensure talking to a veterinarian. Professional guidance will help you get better results

This article outlines ten super fun and cool exercises to help you achieve your objective and better bond with your dog.


It is one of the best exercises as it allows you and your dog some excellent time. If time is an issue, get up earlier than usual, but try not to miss an opportunity to hike with your dog. Choose a nice trail, and take your dog up that every day.

Limit the “Treat” culture

Treats are excellent motivation for the dog, but these are the main cause of obesity. Instead of giving excessive treats, you can switch to giving attention to your dog. That can be an extra 20 minutes of walk or playtime. This will ensure a healthy choice for your dog`s health.

Play fetch in the park

Taking your dog to a nearby park regularly is also very helpful. You can do hundreds of activities with your pet in the park, but if you play “fetch” with your canine friend, he will love you. As a result, the pet gets good exercise.

Spend some time in the water with your pet

Dogs are amazing swimmers. They enjoy their time in water; it is an excellent exercise for you and your pet. Swimming is a low-impact exercise which is why it will not tire your pet. Even overweight dogs benefit a lot after taking up this exercise.

Run with your dog

The simplest yet the most effective of them all is going for a quick run with your dog. It helps the dog build muscle and stamina and keeps its health in check. In addition, it allows the dog to stretch its leg muscles. It can work best for dogs with longer legs.

Play tug-of-war

You can play tug-of-war with your dog. It is a perfect exercise for the parent and the pet both. It will help build muscle and grit. It can also teach values such as perseverance and grit to your dog.

Stair climbing

If you have a flight of stairs in your apartment, ensure climbing it up and down a few times with your dog. It is the most easily accessible exercise equipment for maintaining your dog`s health. Use it to your benefit.

Take up an exercise class with your dog

We understand if your schedule does not allow you to take up any of these activities with your dog. A dog exercise class or a “doga” session can be the best remedy in that case. Sign up for an exercise class with your dog.

Resistance walking with your dog helps build stamina

Taking the dog out for a walk on a snowy day will be tough, but the learning and the impact will be huge. Do not miss out on any such opportunity for your dog pet to learn resistance walking. Wait for the snow to hit the floor and be off for a resistance walk.

Obstacle walks

It is an interesting form of exercise that can be easily done in your courtyard. Set up different obstacles requiring your dog to jump, run, and circle along the track. This will be fun for the dog, and also it will be a valuable lesson each time. You can change the obstacles every time to make them appear new to your dog.


Dogs need to be exercised almost every day to remain healthy. Once it becomes habitual for you and your dog, it will be as easy and natural as breathing. Exercise’s numerous benefits will keep your dog physically and physically active mentally.