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The Sunshine Pet Hospital is your affordable and reliable vet in Aurora IL. As your premier vet Aurora IL, we are an experienced and dedicated professional team committed to providing affordable veterinary services in our local neighborhood without compromising our standards of quality medicine.

As your vet Aurora IL, we firmly believe that all pets should be treated with exceptionally high standards of veterinary health care. Your veterinarians Aurora IL at Sunshine Pet Hospital also keep exploring new, more innovative, efficient ways to reduce the costs involved in pet health care and review them periodically. We are conscientious about selecting the right path to better healthcare for your pet. Expect us to be the best vet Aurora IL that works hard to meet your pet’s veterinary needs.

Adaptable Animal Hospital

As your experienced vet in Aurora IL, we believe that practicing veterinary medicine is not only an exact science but also an art. Our Aurora, IL, veterinarians will ensure all the medical procedures are explained to you beforehand. In addition, we make sure we use a personalized approach for each patient and their owners. Communication is key to your pet’s recovery and overall wellness. Because every pet is unique and special to us, so are their needs. Our goal as your vet in Aurora, IL, is to keep you proactive through education because it’s all about our partnership!!

A Truly Independent Vet

We love our freedom and are a genuinely independent, family-style animal hospital practice to meet our local neighborhood needs. We look forward to having a long-lasting relationship with our pets and pet parents in our community. We are empowered to take the treatment and cost decisions right away now! Because we want to work not only with our hands and heads but also with our hearts too…

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Veterinary Services in Aurora IL

Pet Surgery

Learning that an animal requires pet surgery is not only overwhelming but also shocking for fur parents. We understand these sentiments completely. Surgery is no less stressful for animals than it is for humans. The veterinarians at Sunshine Pet Hospital do not recommend pet surgery lightly.

You can rest easy knowing that any required surgical procedures are best for your pet. However, it would help if you felt confident in your decisions for your pet’s health, including a thorough understanding of why specific veterinary surgical procedures are recommended.

To lessen the risk of complications, we only perform elective surgeries on otherwise healthy pets. However, with the development of modern veterinary medicine and the evolution of vet standards, even emergency pet surgery is now significantly safer than it was even a decade ago. Vital sign monitoring, pain control measures, and pre-surgery medications are just a few of the many procedures and protocols we implement to lessen surgical risks. We also have staff who will monitor your pet while under anesthetic.

Wellness Exams with Your New Vet Aurora IL

Regular visits to the veterinarian (despite the animal having no signs of illness) give your cat or dog the best chance at a long, healthy life. Maybe you’re wondering why taking your pet in for regular checkups is crucial. First, let’s look at a summary of what happens during routine wellness exams:

Your vet Aurora IL at Sunshine Pet Hospital will review your pet’s medical history and solicit your input if you have specific concerns or questions during your pet’s wellness exam.

After that, your vet will perform a thorough physical examination of your pet, which may include the following but is not limited to:

  •   Checking the sounds of the heart and lungs.
  •   Assessing the posture, movement, and body mass of your pet.
  •   Examine your pet’s overall fur condition and everyday issues such as abnormal hair loss and dandruff.
  •   Checking the feet and nails for signs of any signs of illness or injury
  •   Examine wax buildup, ear mites, and bacterial infections in your pet’s ears.
  •   Checking your pet’s teeth for signs of decay, damage, or any other periodontal disease
  •   The skin on your pet should be examined for various issues, including bumps, lumps, dryness, and parasites.
  •   Checking for signs of pain or abnormality by palpating your partner’s abdominal area
  •   Palpating your pet for signs of illness and pain, such as bruising, lameness, or swelling.

All pets are in grave danger from parasites, too. A wellness check can detect possible parasites with different tests. Your veterinarian will advise you on measures to protect your pet from the ticks and mosquitoes that carry parasites that are vectors for pathogens that can cause potentially fatal conditions. Some parasites can even jump from pets to people, so beware!

Your Aurora, IL, veterinarian knows it’s tough to justify a visit even if your pet seems fine. Still, regular exams allow us to catch problems early on, when they’re easier and cheaper to treat, and to give your pet the best preventative medicine, like vaccinations and parasite preventatives.

Checkups regularly will save you time and money compared to treating more advanced illnesses and disorders. Your new vet in Aurora, IL will also ensure your dog or cat is in as little pain as possible regardless of what ails them. The earlier a health problem is identified, the sooner it can be treated.

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccines are a preventative measure against infectious diseases that could be fatal to your pet. Your veterinarian’s recommendation for your pet’s vaccine schedule will depend on factors such as your geographic location and the kind of lifestyle your pet leads.

All dogs and cats should receive the core vaccines, but only pets with active social lives should get the additional “lifestyle” vaccines. Please call us for our vaccine schedule for more details on the vaccinations our veterinarians recommend for your pet.

Booster shots also help maintain immunity in adult pets. Booster shots are typically every few years. Whenever your pet needs a booster shot, we’ll let you know.

Pet Dental Services

Tooth cleaning, adjusting, filing, extracting, and repairing your pet’s teeth are all part of veterinary dentistry. Vets with specialty training are the safest choice for your pets. Veterinary technicians, under the supervision of a veterinarian, may also perform some dental procedures, depending on local and provincial laws.

Your Aurora, IL veterinarian will examine your pet’s mouth through the mouth. To assess your pet’s dental health condition, the vet may look under the gumline and check the teeth’ overall condition. Unfortunately, many pet dental diseases lurk under the gum, so x-rays are often necessary.

Polishing and scaling are both components of a dental cleaning, just as with your teeth. At least annually, have your vet examine your pet’s mouth and teeth to look for any warning signs of trouble and to ensure your pet maintains a healthy mouth.

Suppose you notice a change in your pet’s behavior, whether aggression or depression, without any prior reason, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with the vet. Be cautious when examining your pet’s mouth, as painful animals often bite.

Healthy teeth are a prerequisite for health in both pets and humans. You want to ensure that your pet is eating, playing, and enjoying life, free of dental disease or pain. Unfortunately, pets can also suffer from various dental issues, the severity of which is often manifested during mealtime pain.

Most dental issues in pets go undetected until they become painful infections that may be more challenging to treat. Unfortunately, by the time they reach the age of three, common pets develop a higher risk of developing severe diseases of the teeth.