Sunshine Pet Hospital

Vaccines and Wellness exams

Vaccines are required for all of our dogs and cats to prevent many life-threatening diseases. Vaccines can be given as early as 6-8 weeks for both young puppies and kittens. Core vaccines are mandatory vaccines required for pets of all ages regardless of their lifestyle. Our animal hospital offer both core and non-core vaccines at our clinic for dogs and cats including Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, Canine influenza, Lyme, Feline distemper, and feline leukemia vaccines. We Perform a detailed Health check and provide complete health reports . We also perform our annual screening for Heart worm disease, tick-borne parasitic diseases on site and offer Fecal testing for intestinal parasites. Our aim is to keep you educated and proactive about your pet’s health! Our Aurora IL animal hospital provides personalized wellness packages for pets of all ages and needs because we believe every pet is special and has unique needs.


Our vets are experienced and routinely performs soft tissue surgeries including spay and neuter of dogs and cats of all sizes at very low comparable prices in the neighborhood. We offer special surgery prices to the shelter and adopted pets. We perform Spay and Neuter surgeries, Mass removals, Cat declaw procedures, Bladder stone removals and Gastric foreign body surgeries We routinely perform a pre-surgical evaluation and blood testing in house on the day of surgery to assess the anesthetic risks. We monitor all our pets under anesthesia using the art of technology equipment to ensure the anesthesia recovery is a safer event.

Dental cleanings and extractions

Dental problems in pets are likely get unnoticed until the later severe stages of periodontal infec-tions . Taking charge of pet’s dental health from the early ages is one of the most critical factor that can certainly add on more number of years to the pet’s life. We routinely evaluate your pet’s dental health at each office visit and will keep you informed about your pet dental health needs . Annual prophylactic dental cleaning are recommended for all our pets . We are experienced in performing dental cleaning and extractions in both dogs and cats for a very reasonable prices in our neighborhood


Excessive ear scratching, constant shaking of the head, biting at the skin, and hair loss in pets are very commonly seen. We do understand that skin diseases are quite frustrating to deal with for any pet parent. It is not an overstatement to say that almost 85-90% of our pet population suffer from environmental allergies, food allergies, and flea allergies. Our animal hospital takes pride in performing skin diagnostics in house and offering allergy testing to address the issues. We use multimodal approaches for rapid symptomatic relief and better management of skin conditions in a long run.

In house diagnostics

We are fully equipped with in-house laboratory settings and we can perform a wide variety of lab testing including complete blood testing, Heartworm screening in dogs, FeLV/FIV testing in cats, and skin diagnostics. We also utilize innovative Digital X-ray technology to obtain a rapid, accurate diagnosis on-site for efficient treatment for a better outcome. We also use reference laboratories for advanced testing.

Senior Wellness

When our pets turn old, It’s our time to pay them back the tender care and compassion that all our senior pets deserve!! Our pets age rapidly and as they turn into senior ages, we all know their life needs and behavior also does change. They require more frequent office visits and blood work screenings. We want to ensure all our elderly pets completely live a comfortable, pain-free life. We love to partner up with you to make changes to their nutritional needs, environmental changes, and work on pain management strategies to keep them comfortable!

End-of-Life care

Saying good-bye is never an easy decision for any pet parent. We offer the quality of life examinations and discussions for the final days. We want to ensure all our pets are comfortable during those final days and we want you to realize that we are here to hold your hands to walk through these difficult decisions

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