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february is pet dental month

February is Pet Dental Month

february promo at sunshine pet hospitalWhy is Dental Care Important For Pets?

All pet lovers will agree on one thing- the significance of the health and fitness of a pet. Pets can be the light of your life, provided they are healthy. Like humans, pets also fall ill if their health is neglected and appropriate care is not taken on normal days and when it falls sick.

Health care includes care of the physical body, including the teeth and other parts of the mouth, such as the tongue.

This article will tell us why pets need dental care.

Why does your pet need dental care?

Regular dental treatment is essential for dogs to prevent unnecessary gum disease. When your pet eats, saliva, bacteria, and food combine to form plaque, a kind of bacteria that forms a transparent film on the dental surface. This bacterium is extremely harmful to the dental health of your pet. It can go into the stomach as well with the food that your pet eats, harming it even further. Plaque, a brown, yellow hardened substance, can form over time if this material is not removed. Tartar accumulation above and below the gumline can irritate your pet’s gums, causing inflammation, redness, and bad breath (gingivitis). All these problems can make your pet irritable because of the foul feeling that it would feel all the time.

How can dental issues be treated in dogs?

Dental disease is treated by taking x-rays of your pet’s teeth to determine the extent of the damage. Your pet may require a descale and polish and a dental extraction of the affected teeth if necessary. Once you have diagnosed the issue then, you can easily work towards treating it for good. As February is the pet dental month, you can also bring in your pet to our clinic, as this will be a great chance for you to get a prophylactic dental cleaning and polishing +/- dental surgical extractions if necessary. Performing dental X-rays during dental cleanings/surgeries will help us to identify any hidden tooth problems. Our clinic is newly equipped with dental x ray machine, and we would like to extend our dental x ray services to your petsĀ  just 100$. Please take advantage of this amazing discount offer before this expires

What can be done at home to take dental care of pets?

Trying to incorporate teeth cleaning into your dog’s everyday routine, just like ours, will assist in reducing the accumulation of pathogens in their mouth. If you need more clarification on cleaning your dog’s teeth, your veterinarian can show you how and recommend which products to use. It’s recommended that you begin brushing your pet’s teeth as young as possible, ideally when they’re puppies, so they become accustomed to the motion.

The best time to clean your dog’s teeth

Cleaning your dog’s teeth may appear daunting, and depending on their disposition, your dog may be nervous with you peering inside their mouth. When your dog is at ease and relaxed, it is best to clean its teeth. Lift up the side of their lip and use your thumb wrapped in a soft flannel to gently rub against their teeth so they can become accustomed to the motion, beginning with the tooth structure on the side of their mouth.

This procedure should make your dog feel more at ease while cleaning their teeth. Once you’ve got comfortable, try cleaning your dog’s teeth with a soft toothbrush, gradually making progress to using the brush with dog-friendly toothpaste.


Choose one or more options for pet oral health that works best for your style of living and your pet. Our Certified Veterinary Professionals are delighted to walk you through any or every one of the processes listed above and how they will benefit your pet. Suppose your pet has already had active dental disease, gingival inflammation, or tooth loss. In that case, at-home care may be painful, and we recommend waiting until a veterinarian has examined your dog before trying to continue. Dental care at home should not be painful. You and your beloved pet should have a positive bonding experience.