Sunshine Pet Hospital

Pet Spay Surgery for the Aurora, IL, area

Is it time to get your dog or cat spayed? The dedicated team at Sunshine Pet Hospital in Aurora, IL, is here to help you understand the process and can perform a pet spay surgery when needed.

Since 2014, Dr. Rebala has been committed to providing you and your pets with quality care at an affordable price. Dr. Rebala is experienced and dedicated to giving your pet the best care available. At Sunshine Pet Hospital, we are always looking for newer, more efficient ways to provide pet health care and cut down on your veterinary costs.

If your companion is in need of a spay surgery, one of our team members will sit down with you to explain the procedure beforehand so you know what to expect. We understand that every pet is different, so we take a personalized approach to every service we provide.

About the Procedure

We know you want the best for your furry companion, so you may be wondering about the benefits of this surgery. Spaying your pet can help with a variety of different issues. It can protect your pet against health and behavioral problems as well as prevent the birth of unwanted litters. By preventing unwanted births, you can cut down on the number of animals that are euthanized every year.

When your pet is spayed, it reduces the risk of health problems like uterine infections and breast cancer. It also eliminates certain breeding instincts, which means your pet is less likely to roam and get lost. We want to make sure your pet is happy and healthy.

If you are wondering about the appropriate time to spay your pet, reach out to us at Sunshine Pet Hospital to learn more. You can also call to schedule an appointment or use ourĀ online form. We look forward to providing your pet with affordable, high-quality care.